Are you a good friend?

by Syafiq Azhari

Friends are among the most valuable assets in the world of happiness. They stand behind you when you are in troubles or bad times and of course in good times. But wait, define the word 'friend'.

According to the Oxford dictionary, a friend is a person you know well and not usually your family member. That is the 'friend' defined by the dictionary. It sounds lame, right?...As the saying goes, 'a friend in need is a friend indeed' you agree with that?

As for me, a friend is someone you can put a trust in him/her. As long as you with him/her, you will have a great feeling of secure. A friend is also the one who always courage you of doing good deeds. Nowadays, its hard to find someone who's able to remind you of 'akhirat', and therefore be selective when choosing a friend.

A friend who is very close to you will reflect the inner personality of yourself. So if you want to examine your 'inside', look at your friend because people tend to be close to someone who possesses their identical attitudes or interests.

Building a good friendship needs you to sacrifice your own interest for the sake of his/her happiness. Have you found yourself pondering how to make that new person in your life be friends with you?

Here are some of the tips on how to be a good friend:

- be honest

- be loyal

- be respectful

- watch out for your friend

- pitch in for friend during times of crisis

- if your friend is going through a crisis, dont tell them that everything is going to be all right if it's not going to be

- give advise & add perspective into his/her sight

- courage him/her for good deeds

- give your friend space

- dont destroy his/her trust on you

- never make a promise that you know you cant fulfill

- listen to them

- dont be selfish

- learn to share

- dont abuse their generosity

- dont point out his/her flaws, instead point at his/her qualities

These are just a small piece of guides on how to be a good friend. Being a great person is not about making no mistakes or having no flaws, but it's all about striving to make a better person. So, cheer up your life, start making friends and explore your inner qualities.


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syafiq azhari said...

to anas n farihin: thanks for commenting on my blog...keep visiting

sweetbainin said...

This is a good question.. After today, i realised i might not be a good friend after all. And ur post did not make it all easier. =(

syafiq azhari said...

dont give up..its really hard to find a true friend coz everyone has his own flaws..i might not be a good friend also..improve slowly