Latest news on H1N1 in Canada : H1N1 flu cases rises to 6,732

by Syafiq Azhari

OTTAWA, June 24 (Xinhua) -- Canada added 275 new cases of A/H1N1 flu during the past two days, bringing the total to 6,732, according to the figures released by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Wednesday.

The numbers did not increase as previously, partly because Ontario and Quebec, the two worst-hit provinces, did not report their numbers.

Four new deaths were reported during the past two days, raising the total to 19, the PHAC said.

But according to media reports, the total deaths number has reached 21, with another two reported in the province of Ontario.

On Tuesday, Ontario's chief medical officer of health Arlene King warned that the flu could last a year and more deaths are expected.

* let us all pray for the better condition, Amin.

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anas_AF said...

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syafiq azhari said...

betul2...kita lawan, kita turun, kita lawan