Now I Miss You

by Syafiq Azhari 3 comments

The best part of travelling is having to experience the feel of a complete stranger. Wandering in the middle of a completely different culture and environment is fun. Finding the direction in a lost place with a piece of map is fun. Talking to strangers is fun. Learning people's behaviours is fun. To sum up, travelling is fun. And now I miss you, travel. =)
Santa Barbara, CA
Historic Route 66, Los Angeles, CA
Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA
Saguaro National Park, Tucson, AZ

San Francisco, CA

Sedona, AZ

Goldfield Ghostown, Tucson, AZ
Olvera Street, Los Angeles, CA
Two new friends of mine on Amtrak Train to San Francisco

A beautiful teacher

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I was just about to leave for class when an old folk appears out of nowhere picking up garbage in front of my house and sort them out into the recycle bins. She walked down the road doing the job, leaving her bicycle unguarded and I was just standing in the living room watching silently.

I braved myself approaching her with a banana in hand as a friendly offering, and asked her what made her do the job. She smiled and replied, "I clean up the mess, sometimes the wind blows out garbage from the bins, so I pick them up and put them back, and sometimes it flies out from the cars, often when people see it, they never care, and I'm just doing what I could do to keep the environment clean."

I was like oh wow, what a kind person. Honestly, I had no idea whether she is practicing any religion or not, but her attitude represents the pillar of any religion, be it Christian, Buddhist, Islam and etc which promotes the act of kindness. Though her appearance was not entirely impressive, her smile and insight made her a beautiful teacher. At least she taught me a valuable lesson.

Something Worth To Ponder

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'Insaan' is an Arabic word for human being which is derived from the word 'Nasiya' which means to forget. No matter how alert a man is, he will never escape forgetfulness because that is one of his natural behaviors. So, whether you like it or not, we all need to be reminded and that is called 'Tazkirah'. Scholars have various definitions regarding 'Tazkirah', the most agreed definition is 'the reminder'. However, some others define it as 'the repetition' due to human's character who tends to forget. Both have different meanings, nevertheless, the ideas are equally the same.

We might have a set of goals or a list of targets to achieve in life, but when we go through the daily routines, our mind would be easily diverted due to likely factors which include emotions, influence by others and etc. Thus, our minds have to be brought back to the beginning state and that is when 'Tazkirah' is needed. When we say 'Tazkirah', many would have in mind that it must be a long, religious-bound speech from a pious person at the mosque or in the TV, radio and etc. That is totally wrong and should be corrected. 'Tazkirah' could be anything that triggers your concious mind into thinking or reflecting your actions and thoughts. It could be a brief quote that you read, or even other's behaviours that you saw. Make use of every running second, and you choose!