We are unique

by Syafiq Azhari

Humankind are the most amazing creatures ever created in the world. Even in the Holy Quran when God says to the angels, " Sesungguhnya Aku jadikan di atas dunia itu khalifah" (Al-Baqarah). The term 'khalifah' represents the leader and it is directed to us, people, human..

Brain is the most valuable asset that we have and in fact, it makes us differ with other creatures. If we look from the scientific aspect, our body is not just a 'body'. It is the combination of various delicate and complex formations of cells that we ourselves until now cannot even understand thoroughly. Subhanallah.

One thing that makes our life lives is the way we think and the style we adapt. Different personalities possess different ways of thinking and different kinds of interpretation. God created things in various formation and style to make us understand that life is colourful and keep changing. When we mingle around in different groups, we would experience different atmospheres and these differences make life more intriguing.

We cant simply critic other people just because they are not imitating our styles or following things that we think are good for us. People have the freedom. Everyone has the freedom. We have the freedom to choose what we think the best for ourselves as long as it not cross our boundaries as Muslim.

Heaping scorn on somebody or criticizing others could be considered as immoral and should be avoided because we live in a big community, and for sure we don't want to have problems with others. We have to be very concern with others' feelings. And just because this is life....This post is not pinpointed to anyone and it is nothing more than a reminder to us all..

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