Why should we destroy others' future??

by Syafiq Azhari

It is universally acknowledged that some people tend to destroy other people for the sake of their own satisfaction. Why cant we solve the problems in a better way rather than trying to make others hurt. Sometimes, we have to accept our own fault and sometimes we have to be open to forgive others. Think twice before you jump into a conclusion especially something that would affect the future and hopes of other people.

I have a friend who have been alleged for two cases that could destroy his dream to Canada. 'Someone' is believed to be the mastermind behind these that his/her name shouldnt be stated here. The cases are 'believed' to be very2 serious according to the Program Director but in fact they could be solved in good ways if the 'someone' has a sensible mind.

Dont think that we could escape from what we have done because what goes around comes around.