Scholars vs JPA

by Syafiq Azhari

It seemed to be a chaos when a group of scholars marched for almost 500m to meet with the JPA officers..Under the hot sun, they were all moved in steady in order to proved that they were not fright at all. One of the participants that took part in the marching said,"Diorang nak lawan ngn kite..bawak ramai2 skit..ajak r sape2 lg..".

And actually it was a Futsal Match...

The match between the officers and scholars at U-One was a really good event as it strengthen the relationship between those two groups. The event could be a medium to build a strong connection between the sponsor and students. One thing that should be praised was that, the officers had successfully showed that they were no pushovers as we were expected.

Their teams were well-organized especially their first team and we were outplayed by them. It seems to be a little exaggeration here, but it's true..the scholars consist of several teams, most of them are from ICPU and one from SAM. After almost two hours of play, the sponsors invited all of us to have lunch with them at Nasi Kandar Padang Kota..Huh..what a good day..

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