Let's Revive our Spirit

by Syafiq Azhari

Praise be to Allah, for making it smooth and it was my second time attending Reviving the Islamic Spirit Convention in Toronto. Some people are skeptical about this type of event and said that you would be rejuvenated for a while and slowly the spirit will walk away. Nevertheless, some others think the other way. And why not we follow the latter. I wont talk too much because the pictures will tell the story.

The crowd this year was a record-breaking of more than 20000 people.

From right, Dr Amr Khaled, Dr Jamal Badawi and Habib Ali Al-Jifri with his translator.

Two of my favourite speakers, Prof Tariq Ramadan and Imam Zaid Shakir.

Dr Ingrid Mattson is delivering her final speech.

Dr Hamza Yusuf helping two new brothers converting into Islam.

The hall is almost full especially during the night sessions.

Sister Aisha Al-Adawiya and Sheikh Abdallah Idris.

Our fellow Malaysians in Toronto

Focusing himself to the lecture of Prof Tariq Ramadan.

You need to have this on your wrist for 3 days or otherwise you wont be allowed to enter the hall.

Reviving the Islamic Spirit : Road of Life, the 10 Commandments.

The Bazaar attracts a lot of visitors. Lots of stuffs including books, muslim clothes, souvenirs and etc. 

Another brother and sister into Islam

One of the entertainers during the convention, Zain Bikha.

Some of the crowds witnessing new brothers saying Syahadah.

Overall, the event was a success. However, as Prof Tariq Ramadan said, "I don't want you to clap inside the hall but be invisible outside. That is not the right way we as a Muslim. People around us are looking for the meaning of our religious activities, and it is our contribution to make it visible and we have to do it with dignity". 

Once, Islam has been on the top of the world. Through the history, we have seen the glory Islam has brought to the world, the change in power and how it falls down. And it should be our mission to bring it back. Imam Yassir Fazaga once said that no culture is inherently the best. It is the people themselves who make it best. There is no west or east culture anymore but only one culture, and it's Monoculture that spreads from the west to the east.

We can see everywhere in the world that people are moving in the same direction in terms of economy, lifestyles and thoughts. Our objective is not to stop it, but to make sure that it is moving in the right direction, in a way that will bring benefit to the whole ummah regardless of their faiths. 

It is absolutely wrong to say those with beliefs other than Islam are not working for the goodness of all, we came from the same breed, Adam and Eve, we breathe the same air, we live on the same planet, our faiths rooted from the holy books that came from the One and only One, Allah the Almighty. We are brothers and let's work together for the sake of goodness, for our future generations and for the betterment of this world.