You Are What You Eat

by Syafiq Azhari

The title has nothing to do with the post, but it has something to do with you. =)

To begin with, winter break has begun. In fact, it has already started last week since I finished the exams early. At last, I could get a good rest after what could be described as a super-hectic-but-happening-yet-tiresome semester. Few things has really woke me up and taught me to be much more independent. Willing to learn and appreciate the lessons are the key. I now have the gut to say "Yes I admit that was my bad and I apologize..."  the way you learn.  

Nothing much has changed after all except for the early snow this winter. I still remember how excited we were when the first ever snow flurries starting to fall last year. Snowballs fight at the backyard, making out snowman, random snow pranking and those things were just so fun. But that was a year ago. Kind of childish but who cares. 

These days, waking up in my cozy blanket and see through the windows, the all-white atmosphere with falling flurries seem to freshen my mind. From green, yellow and now white and then colorful and green again and there goes the cycle. I'm grateful to Allah for making the world so beautiful. 

Almost two weeks before the winter term starts, and so I have a lot of time on my hands. Nevertheless, too much free time is not always good for myself because I would just wasting them, that's why I should find something to do. I'm kicking my heels, waiting for the Reviving Islamic Spirits convention at Toronto this weekend. 

Must be a good time, listening to the talks from scholars all over the world and spending quality time with friends whom I haven't been seeing for some times now. I will upload some photos during the convention soon after I came back next week. Till then, peace be upon you. 

Freezing ice forming outside my window panes.



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