The Story of a Bottle

by Syafiq Azhari

source : google images

People would always love to turn back times whenever things just dont work out. I had love too, because it keeps wandering in my mind, if only I could say the truth. Only if I could. But let's just be realistic, the farthest object that one can never reach is the past times.

During last Jumuah, the khatib has popped this very question into the minds of the people, "Do we value our life?". Infact, that particular question should be more than enough to reflect on our deeds. The moments that we have, the money that we spent, the time that we consumed, the skills that we possesed all will be asked in front of Allah on the Day of Judgement.

It's just two weeks past the new year and maybe we could stop for a moment, reflect on ourselves and check whether we are on the right track on whatever resolutions that we made two weeks ago. Sometimes, a little thought could make the little push that creates the difference that we seek after. A full bottle was once an empty space either.