It's On

by Syafiq Azhari

I was once a boy who always find it hard to accept things, especially when it went against my will or my plan. But now, I realized that nothing would always be perfect. Life is not permanent after all. Of  late, I went through problems, but every time, I always find myself in calm, I have no idea, this is unusual, but its true. These days, I lost things easily, but I never regret. 

I keep reminding myself that He could even take everything from me and left nothing at once, but He never did. For that, I have to be grateful. It might become a cliche to say that everything does happen for a reason, but just keep in mind that when something will happen, it happens. 

The rest is up to us. There is no point to grieve for things that had happen. We dont have the luxury to travel back in time. No matter how hard things are, don't ever let your weakness win, because when it happens, it's game over.