You Are Not Alone

by Syafiq Azhari

Living in Hamilton, I saw various types of people. The old folks here are good and well mannered except for some, but mostly are good enough. And the same goes to the teenagers here, some of them are very good but there are certain groups that could do harm to the people’s development. The public buses as well as the bus stops are well decorated with graffiti and that is considered as vandalism.

Yet, I hardly see anyone doing that during the day, but the works are there. And it might be because during the day, they are well mannered, but when they were drunk at night, it goes the other way. Walking at the downtown during the night, there are lots of drunken people. Sometimes, they looked like they have no direction in life, shouting and walking unconsciously with worn clothes, scorning other people.

Wait, don’t get me wrong, they might be the minority of this society, and there are much more civilized people here possessing first class mentality, living in high tech environment, but the point is, that particular minority group made up a large amount of people on the street. In a sense, they have created a perspective on how actually the people of Hamilton are in the visitors’ lens of view.

I might come from a different culture, but the environment and living style here never shocked me. Looking at a bright side, this might not be the best example, but it would be a great experience for me, at least. When living in a totally different environment, our self-awareness would increase and we will try to avoid things that may harm ourselves.

The environment does actually play a vital role in shaping one’s values especially the actions and thoughts. These two are the most powerful elements that will control us. I don’t want to be influenced by the negative values, and that has strengthened my will to improve myself from every aspect. And I don’t want to succumb to those bad things, and that will only make me a stronger person.

I still remember my grandfather once said to me that when you are living overseas, you are actually holding the family's name and pride on your back. Anything you did, it will be reflected back to your family. And before you opt to do something, think twice whether your parents would be happy or sad with what you are doing. Remember that Allah will always monitoring your every movement. I won't forget these words 'ki'.

I have faith in me that I can look after myself no matter how hard it would be. People can ask you to do anything, but the final answer is yours to lose. You will determine who you are and what you are going to do. I still have supportive friends that would act as my whistle blowers. And the most important, I still have ‘Iman’ and ‘Islam’ which are the two biggest ‘gifts’ granted by Allah the Most Gracious.

O Allah,
Please guide me towards the right path,
Show me the true meanings of life,
Forgive me for my every sin,
I’m guilty for every wrongdoing I did,
Help me in the times of need,
Save me from the dangers that lie ahead,
I surrender my hope to you my Lord,
Ameen Ya Robbal ‘Alamin..

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nizzi said...

salam. nice blog. may i add it into my links? tq

Syafiq Azhari said...

owh..thnks..yeah sure...

AmmarX said...

a very inspiring post. very well done!

iRa DiDi said...

i know u'll be doing fine there..
nice post, i like it..
Allah sebaik-baik penjaga, may Allah be with u always syafiq!

Syafiq Azhari said...

@ Ammar: owh..thnks ammar..

@ ira didi: insyaAllah..everything will be fine if God pray for me..