Life is Yours

by Syafiq Azhari

We don’t have to aim for the highest if we are not able to accept for the lowest. As human, we always have the desires on something and that shows that we are normal. But sometimes, we won’t always get what we do want in life. If we are too obsessed in searching or getting something, we tend to lose it.

And it would be a terrible feeling to lose something that you love or things that you are looking for. However, just bear in mind that there are always reasons behind everything that happens in your life. If losing something will just bring you closer to Him, it is actually a blessing in disguise. Allah knows what is the best for His servant and He always mean it. It is not the end of the world.

Don’t regret of the things that has passed, instead, be well-prepared of the things that are yet to come. Always look at the bright side and move on. You are going to make it. To be loved, you have to love yourself first. To be helped, you have to help yourself first. And to achieve or possess something, you must first make sure that you are able to accept the fact that you are going to lose it because everything in this world is temporary except for Him. Jazaakallahu khairan kasira. All the best.

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", said...

You are not alone Syafiq.

Birdy said...

Doa n ingatan sering kami beri

Wassalam..salam aidilfitri=)

Syafiq Azhari said...

@ '', : yup..we all still and will always have Him...

@ birdy : thnks a lot..n keep flying high up in the sky..but don't forget those on the land...'',