School Week

by Syafiq Azhari

Yesterday was my first day of school, Muhaimin woke me up in the morning and we were rushing for class. Having difficulty in finding the building, Helmi’s mini map was really help. We were wandering around trying to match the map with the actual buildings. We searched for Mill’s Library because Siddiq, our senior said that you can get the mini map there but unfortunately we ended up at Student Centre. That was my bad, and actually Mill’s Library was just next to the Student Centre. Everything was new for me but that was fine.

I love to make new friends out there and one of the ways is not to be shy when looking for directions. I just kept asking whenever I lost and they really helped. Arrived at John Hodgins Building, suddenly, a girl asked me for her class and luckily I was searching for the same class. I told her that the class might be at the end part of the building, but it wasn’t. We went upstairs and it was there! And my class was actually at 4.30 and I went there just to make sure that I won’t be late later, because the university is quite big and it would take some time to find the class especially during the first day.

My schedule for thursday was quite pack but today I just have two classes, so there’s much more free time for me. I’m eager to start the classes because I always wanted to make new friends. Looking at those unfamiliar faces around McMaster University, I didn’t feel comfortable at all. So, as soon as I get to know people, it would feel better. For me, one of the main sources of ‘knowledge’ is people. If you don’t approach and talk to them, you won’t get the ‘knowledge’. When you are moving into a new place or society, the first thing you should do is to get to know the people. They might have the experiences that you don’t have, or stories that you never heard. That’s interesting, at least for me myself.

Green Views at McMaster University

Rushing for class

Near Gilmour Hall

Preparing for Solat

Jumaat Prayer in front of John Hodgins Building

Downtown Hamilton

In front of CIBC bank

Mahal Restaurant

At King Street

Looking for shoes at Jackson Square

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AmmarX said...

haih. baju faveret ni jugak la ko pakai erk. haha.
gud luck dude. aku da start lab da pown kt cni. siyes xleh maen².

Syafiq Azhari said...

haha..thnks...ak minggu depan baru start lab..huhu..

Bear_Warrior said...

aku da stat klas ngan lab, nsb bek 1st week relek2 jer..lab juz intro..huhu..


hudasaffry said...

aku da buat lab report 6 kali da, and berkali kali masuk lab :P