Syawal : The successor of Ramadhan

by Syafiq Azhari

Ramadhan was over and it’s time for Syawal. There must be mixed feelings surrounding every single Muslim because the month of rahmah is already gone and we don’t know whether we would still be alive till the next Ramadhan is coming. This would be my first time ever of celebrating hari raya abroad, away from my beloved family. Back in Malaysia, the atmosphere would be totally different, when ‘takbir’ is everywhere and everyone is wearing in colourful. But here, I don't expect too much. It must be sad enough not to have families around especially during this occasion, but life goes on.

Syawal is the celebration of victory against negative values and apparently, the true meaning of victory lies inside your heart. No one could change you but you yourself. Making this year of Syawal as the beginning of a new life, transforming yourself into a new person would be a great victory. Citing the words from the imam of last Jumaah, if during Ramadhan you are making 3 steps forward, but whenever Syawal comes, you move 4 steps backward, that means nothing and you are not making any impact.

Me myself sometimes can't even do something good continuously as I should, but that's the nature of a human. We keep forgetting and will always forget, and that's why we have to always reminding each other. That's how we learn anyways. Syawal might be the best moment of seeking forgiveness from the families, friends and the people around you. However, if seeking forgiveness is merely words that speak from your mouth, it has no meaning at all. The words must come from deep inside your heart and it is purely meant. Here are some of the photos taken during the first of Syawal in Hamilton. Till the next post. Eid Mubarak. Salam.

Raya morning with Affan

Waiting for the taxi at Main Street

Hamilton City Centre, flooded by Muslims of Hamilton

After Solah, waiting for the other members

Heading to Modern Indian Restaurant

Walking aside King Street

Random snap

Siddiq(orange) is telling something

Six of us (background: the Hamilton 'twin towers')

In front of House of Justice

And they are sharing the same joy of Mubarak

Breakfast at Tim Hortons

Happy faces despite celebrating without families

We are all brothers

After 'melahap' at Indian Restaurant or known as "Kambing"

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Hariz Rifan said...

blog walking sket..hehe
mu je aku x sempt jmpe raye ni cpik..huhu
jage diri weh..
slmt ri raye

Syafiq Azhari said...

owh..ok2..thnks..panjang umur jumpe lagi..selamat hari raya...doakan ak