There is Light within

by Syafiq Azhari

Sometimes, risk is unavoidable for life is a gamble. We don't even know what would happen for the incoming days, or even the incoming hours. When you are taking a risk, you are actually making a decision. And the ability to make a decision is a skill that must be possessed by everyone because in some cases, there's no one could decide but you yourself. Any decision you made will crave your path that you are going to walk through. But don’t be afraid of the dimness for there is light within that you might not be able to see it yet. However, as the time progresses, the light will slowly appear and brighten up your journey.

Unfortunately, most of the people will never see the light as they opt not to travel further into the path due to its dimness that indicates the uncertainties that lie ahead. All what we need is the combination of patience, determination and willingness to move forward. Nothing in this world is free, there must be a price for everything. And we have no choice but to pay for it. And the same applies to the patience, determination and willingness. We have to pay these prices in order to reach the end of the path and see the light as it shines upon you. Gud luck!

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Zinnirah Abrar said...

salam.. agreed =)

every deed has its consequence...
sometimes you are not quite clear what's good or bad for you...
we face that every day, don't we..
just remember that whatever decision we make, how does that reflect us as a Muslim, a servant of Allah, and the follower of Muhammad... =)
how does that contribute to your inner strength as a Muslim...think big...
if you have that framework in your mind, that will shape your decision making, insyaAllah you wil not go wrong...
you know what im saying??

jazakallah khair for sharing =)

Syafiq Azhari said...

Owh..nice one..I got what r u saying...everywhere we are, everything we do, we have to keep the identity as a Muslim..Al-Quran as the guidance and Muhammad as the perfect example..Allah is the greatest..and we belong to Him...thanks a lot!

Razani, CyberExplorer said...

Ciri2 Khusus Islam
-Tsabat wa murunah

Lebih lanjut gi kat link bowoh ning...

"Kami tak besar, dan kami tak kuat,
Bila bekerjasama, semua jadi mudah..."

Syafiq Azhari said...

thnks razani....gembira menerima tunjuk ajar drpd org yg berilmu..:)