A New Life at Hamilton

by Syafiq Azhari

After 30 hours of journey from Kuala Lumpur, finally we arrived safely here at Hamilton. It would be a new experience for me to study here and live far away from the family. During the 12-hours flight from Sydney to Vancouver, i sat in between two Australian and it was very nice talking to them. They were warm and friendly. And again, I sat in between those two person from Vancouver to Toronto. The service from Air Canada was great and very efficient except for the foods. I opted not to eat meat stuffs since i wasn't sure whether they were 'halal' or not. Luckily, I brought some chocs.

Arrived at Toronto, everything went smoothly except for Hakim, he lost his baggage. We were waiting at the carousel for some time but still, the glimpse of his big blue bag was not seen. The officer said they will send the bag later because it might be due to system failure. The seniors were waiting for us at the terminal and they were so nice and helpful. The wind was chilly when we arrived at Hamilton. To be honest, the atmosphere didn't give me any difficulty and I can adapt quickly except for the time difference. Here, it is 12 hours late from Malaysia and my biological clock still have lots of work to do.

Now, it has been my fourth day here, everything is good. I just got a new house to rent and have to clean things up and buy some furniture for my new 'home'. People here are very nice except when they were drunk. I saw bottles on the streets and they were shouting as if the world is theirs. During the weekends, they were partying in the neighbourhood. I called my families to ensure that they wont be worrying about me. I can look after myself and I also have friends to remind me of what I'm doing. But, seriously, everything will depend on yourself and you have to be strong. For me, the two things are the most important. Prayer and Al-Quran. These two are the strongholds that will keep your 'Iman' safely. I'll try my best to keep away from bad things here which I don't have to list down. It would be an interesting experience for me to mingle around in this all-new community. I'll upload some photos in the near future. Till then. Bye and Salam.
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ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

alhamdulillah.. u seems fine there.
lega.. haha.. [bimbang sgt la kite neh =P]
hopefully what u wrote here akan jd sesuatu yg istiqamah.. bkn pd awal shj tp hingga akhir waktu pengajian d sana..
suke bace post kamu, update selalu la. haha. juz kiddin :)

syafiq said...

owh..stakat ni alhamdulillah...tgh settle off-campus residence..insyaAllah semuanya berjalan lancar..thanks

faRaa_♥ said...

salam syafiq!
best nyee kamoo d sane..
jage dri leklok la ye d tmpatt org..
stuju wif aten!
update slaluu ye....:))

take care my fren^.^

Syafiq Azhari said...

insyaAllah..doa2kan kejayaan kami di sini...blog insyaAllah akn diupdate mengikut kesesuaian waktu...keep visiting...neway thnks a lot...