Syafiq oh Syafiq

by Syafiq Azhari

The summer days are longer than any other day during other seasons. The sun rises at 5.40 am in the morning sets at 9 pm at night. So, it is roughly less than 9 hours of night and will become shorter in time until late of August. But, that is not a big problem tough.

The behaviours of nature won't change themselves to fit yourself, instead you are the one who's gonna change your behaviours to fit the changes. Luckily, I will be going back this coming August and will be spending the Ramadhan in Malaysia.

My routines are quite the same almost every single day here, reading, studying, jogging, sleeping, cooking, eating and watching games of course. I wrote down all my aims and targets that I want to accomplish before going back, and they are all running according to my plan.

Hopefully, everything will be ok. Hopefully. Many things had happened of late, and some of my friends will be going back to Malaysia this early July. What I could do is just to force myself to be patient and keep holding on. Surely the time will come.

Sometimes, I feel all alone, and all I could do is just to go through it and act as if nothing happens. Nothing could make me feel so happy other than talking to my mum. When you are far away from your beloved ones, only then you would realize how much you miss them.

But hey, i'm a grown up, I have to learn how to cope with all the pressures and to be able to control myself. The latter one is of greater importance. If I could control myself, anything will be possible.

By the way, I will begin my summer class starting next week. The schedule is quite packed. Do pray for me. For those currently in Malaysia, and those who are going back, enjoy your holiday guys. Not to forget, those who are staying, fill your time with useful things. Appreciate all the moments in your life and make the best out of yourself. Peace.

p\s: learn how to bake would be a good thing to do, but the matter is when? =(

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TiRaH(^-^) said...

wah,bestny duk kt canada..
msti dpt experience byk..

Syafiq Azhari said...

Owh, biase je...x sabar nk balik dh ni...hahaha

Amemerudin Abey said...

syafiq dah besar kn

Affan Ruslan said...

haha. sengal nye amir :)