The Bridge of Hope

by Syafiq Azhari

Picture: the scenery of a historic collapsed bridge across St. John River taken at New Brunswick

Mankind always dream to have more than what they are currently possessing. This is the nature of ourselves. Nevertheless, it could be something beneficial if the desire is translated into action in the right way with the right method.

However, often when we do achieved or possessed something, we tend to forget our sustainer, the One who's granting us the Rizk, providing us with all the comfort, Allah the Almighty.

Let us sit back, think of what we had achieved, all of them are in fact the gifts from Him. Even if you think that the effort is yours, please remember that the one who leads your inspiration is Allah.

The honoured name of Ar-Razzak which means the Provider is one of the giving attributes of Allah. There are two kinds of Rizk. One is the physical Rizk. Those belong to the stuffs that you can eat/drink, the air that you can breathe and etc. The other one is spiritual Rizk. For instance, to come and sit in a spiritual gathering, to recite and listen to beautiful words, those are the spiritual Rizk that in a way will bring us closer to Him.

Recently I found this particular Dua' and it would be my responsibility to share it with all the readers. This Dua' is actually a verse quoted from the Quran and it would be very beneficial to be practiced in our daily life. InsyaAllah.

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Farihin Asnur said...

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tq for the doa..

Syafiq Azhari said...

baca la selalu...insyaAllah diperkenan..