Just Myself

by Syafiq Azhari

Day after day,
Passing by so fast,
And everything has changed,
Even myself,

I'm not good enough,
I tried, but I'm just not,
I admit, I did so many mistakes,
Influenced by both the environment,
and the nature of myself,
but the latter one is more significant,

But please, don't judge me,
I'm a boy,
I'm learning,
I'm trying,
But I keep forgetting,

I'm fighting,

for myself,
for my soul,
against things that I feel bad,
But sometimes,
I just can't resist,
I just can't change it,

And sometimes,
things that I feel good,
is not as good as I thought it to be,
and things that I feel bad,
is not as bad as it is...

I might keep things inside,
It's not that I don't want to share,
But, it's better that way,
Don't ask why,

Sometimes, I'm acting differently, drastically,
Different from the moment before,
That people will notice the change in myself,
And that's because of my emotion,
I wish I could get rid of the feelings,
Other than the feel of happiness,
and the feel of content,
with what I have,
And always stick to the things that I need,
not what I want,

But I just can't,
Those are part of me,
Just accept me as I am,
I don't mind if people don't understand me,
Because at some points, I could barely understand myself,

I always wanted to make others happy,
As far as I can,
But you just can't do it all the time,
There are limitations,
And for the limitations that come from my weaknesses,
Please forgive me...

I'm trying,
to be a boy I should have to be,
to be something that my family could proud of,
to be something that could benefit the people,
to be something that is just 'something'...


Bainin said...

You are writing the words that exist in almost everybody.

I kinda think that it is exactly how i feel for quite a while right now.

But remember one thing, nobody can judge you, nobody can criticise you, nobody can downgrade you, unless you give them permission to affect you, emotionally. In the end, what is most important is for you to like who you are, for you to be what you want to be, something that God has designed you to do, to be.

Hey, if it makes any difference, i think you are a good guy. Be happy. Smile always. Stay strong. =)

abg kacak said...

Same here.

Syafiq Azhari said...

thank you bainin and abang kacak...'',

eman_masri said...

berdesik dlam kalbu kata2 mu fiq... Just be yourself then... Obey the Syariat first is more than enough...

Syafiq Azhari said...

btul2..time kasih eman..:)

Farihin Asnur said...

You are just fine as the way you are..",