An Overview of Your Journey to Canada

by Syafiq Azhari

We are on the verge of starting a new chapter in our life.. Studying in Canada would be a precious moment for all of us...this post will provide you with some tips and overview of your journey to Canada...but it might not be applicable for some groups because of several reasons...are you READY? Let's Begin...

Kuala Lumpur - London - Toronto

KLIA will be the first point of your journey to Canada

Gather at Level 5 for your boarding pass and passport and check-in at L16 and L17. These two counters will be closed 40 minutes before departure. Don't be late and make sure you have all your documents together with you.

Hug and kiss your family members, say to your parents that you love them with all your heart. This might be the best moment at the airport, and there's nothing to be shy if you really cry even if you are a boy. Apologize for everything you did, say goodbye and wave your hands to your family and friends.

Walk steadily and show your confidence

Inside the cabin, seat accordingly. Greet the cabin crews and the person sitting next to you warmly. Make sure you switch off all your electronic devices because you might alter the frequency of the system. Remember, don't play play aa!

p/s: put on your mask for H1N1 prevention measure, your flight to London will take about 13 hours non-stop. Enjoy!!

Transit at Heathrow Airport, London

At Heathrow Airport, International passengers will be arriving at Terminal 1. Set out calm, arrive relaxed and everything will be fine. Your blazer might keep you warm, and don't forget to bring some snacks such as Snickers, Mars or chocolate bars. They might be useful especially when you are hungry or need something to chew.

In the airport, the facilities are great and you may eat, relax and enjoy yourself. You may also shop if you want to.

Plenty of shops at Heathrow Airport provide you with choices. But, beware of your financial status because you don't want to get 'sick'. The prices at the airport might be more expensive than usual.

Beware of your safety. Don't leave your goods without supervision or you could just shed your tears on your lost items. And also, don't let someone slots something like small parcels or pieces into your bags because you don't want to be accused for drugs smuggling. Watch out!!

Spend your time wisely because you may have to wait for hours before your next scheduled flight.

Arrive at Pearson International Airport, Toronto

Upon arriving at Pearson International Airport, follow signs for arrivals to go through passport control and baggage reclaim.

Make sure all your documents are there and keep them safely in your hand luggage. The officer will check upon your arrival at the airport. Don't panic or you might get blundered. Officer's stern face is just a fake, deep inside his heart, he is a good man!

Next is your luggage. Look for your flight number on the information screens to find out which carousel you need, and wait for confirmation that it is ready. There may be luggage from more than one flight on each carousel, so please be patient and try not to block access for others.We are Malaysians!

In Canada, the security check is very strict. Follow all the rules and regulations before packing your items because they will confiscate or dispose the items that failed to meet the standards and specifications. You have to know everything that is in your luggage so that it will be easier if should the problems arise. Beware of the pirated goods especially electronics or computer softwares!!

The seniors will be waiting for your arrival with big grins. Look for your name or university banner. It might be written colourful, so make sure you are not colour blind. Rush and greet them with a big smile as a symbol of appreciation. Dont worry, they might understand if you don't bring them 'keropok lekor' , 'belacan' , 'cencalok' , 'tempoyak' or any other homemade products.From Toronto, you may fly to different destinations throughout Canada based on your university location.

For those who are going to McMaster University

Hamilton, Ontario

Skyline Hamilton

Dont be shy to ask for directions or you may lost in the city.

Arrive at McMaster University

Search for Student Centre. You'll get all the information needed. You have to get familiar with the staffs here so that it will be easier when you have any problem next time.

Student Center from the inside

University Hall

Walk around the campus and start making new friends.

McMaster University from the above

Edwards Hall, Mcmaster. It was built in 1930, Ame and I will be staying here. If u pay a visit here, don't forget to search for room 103 and we'll be there. We'll treat you with some 'serunding' (while stock lasts) or maybe you can bring some foods for us! Haha

Edwards Hall during winter and the temperature will be around -6 degree Celcius

Athletic Complex

Art Facilities

McMaster University Stadium

Medical Center at McMaster University

John Hodgins Building for engineering

New engineering building at McMaster

Some of the information here are collected from reliable sources such as airport and airlines websites and you may get the details from these pages:

That's All for now...Thanks for viewing

This is just an overview of the journey and the real situations might be different from those displayed. There might be wrong information, sorry for the inconvenience.

You are privileged to add any other information, tips and suggestions. They might help. Thanks a lot. Have a safe journey. ^_^

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dulu penah fly ke London and it was such a booooring journey, 13 hours! so better bring something to kill the boredom. huhu.. and dkt heathrow airport konpem rambang mata, jaga2 la cash flow anda, hikhik.. all d best syafiq, jg dri leklok kt tmpt org sana :)

Syafiq Azhari said...

owh..thanks a lot...haha...insyaAllah..dimana bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung...^_^

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no matter where on earth we'll be, retain our identity n personality as a muslim k. n not 2 be forgotten, a malaysian~

Syafiq Azhari said...

@ Dr : yup..that's absolutely correct...can't agree more with u..and i think these quotes are quite suitable for all of us..

"Bertakwalah kepada Allah walau di mana sahaja kamu berada." (Al-Quran)

"We all have different desires and needs, but if we don't discover what we want from ourselves and what we stand for, we will live passively and unfulfilled." (Bill Watterson)