A Major Overhaul in Our Transportation System is Necessary

by Syafiq Azhari

What comes to your mind when you have to fit yourself, travel in a fully crowd train and stuck in the middle of the journey before reaching your destination? That was happened to me and Anas when we were heading to UKM station from KL Sentral. Even worse, it was in the middle of critical flu pandemic(H1N1) and surely the virus could easily spread in the tight squeeze inside the coach.

To begin with, we decided to spend a night at Sadid's house at Bangi before Pre-Departure program with JPA. The crowd were waiting for the train at the terminal, and after some time, the long awaited train arrived. And everyone seemed to make a rush into the train, we had no choice and did the same. The condition in the train was never been comfortable. Just imagine how it feels when people keep pushing to slot themselves in till you can't move. It was so hard. Inside the coach, I stood at the centre and Anas at the end part of the coach.

They are rushing into the train

I dont want to miss the train and wait for the delayed one

The leftovers are never meant to be left, you can still push the button to open the door (Haha)

Be responsible and give way to the others
For me, the best way to keep yourself 'clean' when facing this situation is to avoid or minimize contact with others. Hold to one particular spot and don't touch your gadgets because they might get 'dirty'. Breath slowly and be steady.

The train at first moved smoothly but after several stations, in all of a sudden, the air-conditioner wasn't working and then it stopped. The train was in static for nearly 10 minutes due to mechanical failures. I could just hold. "Ya Allah, rosak lagi ke..", a 'makcik' said to her friend.

Luckily, the train moved slowly and stopped at Kajang station. Unfortunately, an announcement was made and the train must be evacuated. Mix feelings surrounded the crowd, some were angry enough, and some others sounded relieved. For me, I was happy because at least the nightmare came to a halt, and at the same time felt disappointed by our public transport service. It was a shame if should the foreigners were using the same train and in fact they did.

The authority is checking the cause of the breakdown

A future engineer is trying to figure out what had happened

A disappointed man standing at Kajang station

Following the incident, Anas and I had decided not to continue our journey to UKM station and instead, we called Sadid to come and fetch us (thanks Sadid). While waiting for Sadid, we acted like the journalists and approached particular individuals, asking their opinions about Malaysian transportation system. As expected, the answers were mostly bad and most of them were unsatisfied with the service provided.

A Nigerian student giving his opinion

Syafiq : Excuse me, sir. We are doing a community project for our college and we want to ask your opinion.

Moranugba : Oh, sure.

Anas : So, what's your opinion about the train system in Malaysia?

Moranugba : What I would say is that they supposed to get more trains on the track to make sure the smooth flow of the passengers.

Anas : OK. Thank you, sir.

Moranugba : Welcome.

An interviewee is wearing her mask, a good way in preventing H1N1

A boy expressing his views on Malaysian transportation system

Anas : Assalamualaikum. Kami sedang menjalankan satu projek dan ingin meminta pendapat anda tentang sistem pengangkutan awam di Malaysia.

Nurul(bkn nama sebenar) : Owh..OK..Eh, takpe ke pakai macam ni?(tgh pakai mask) Boleh dengar eh?

Anas : Takpe. Boleh.

Nurul (bkn nama sebenar) :Sepatutnya mereka patut contohi pengangkutan awam di negara-negara maju yang lain supaya lebih efisyen.

Syakila (bkn nama sebenar) : Rasenye pengangkutan awam sekarang ni cukup. Cuma kalau kita tgk ketika 'peak hours' tren sesak dan sangat padat. Sampai susah nak bernafas.

Qabil (bkn nama sebenar) : Kebelakangan ini pengangkutan awam tak memuaskan hati. Tambang teksi dan bas akan dinaikkan tidak lama lagi, tapi perkhidmatan masih tidak begitu memuaskan.

Our transportation system needs to consider the comfort of the passengers

Anas standing in the crowd waiting for the next train

Overall, the journey was fun as we had the chances to approach the people and collect their views and thoughts about one of the most talked-about issues in Malaysia - transportation system. Changes are needed and the problems should come to solutions as soon as possible because we are now considered as one of the vast developing countries in the world and moving towards the Vision of 2020.

Public transportation system plays vital roles in ensuring the continuous progress of country's growth. It will also stand as a barometer in measuring the level of trust and confidence amongst the people towards the government. The frequency of the trains and buses on certain tracks should be increased. Allocation should be made to improve the infrastructures and the maintenance should be done regularly in order to prevent the recurrence of the problems.

What say you? ^_^

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AmmarX said...

ouh, teknik baru untuk mengorat pendapat. haha.

Pak Lah dulu da pernah turun padang untuk usya public transport, tapi dy turun bkn on peak hour, and surrounded by bodyguard. They have to understand out real problem, which happens on peak hour. Budgets for the improvisation of public transport has been approved, but still no action were taken from the responsible authority. Typical Malaysian habit.

Syafiq Azhari said...

yup..we really need to change that "typical malaysian habit" mindset..and to make it possible, everyone has to step up and take part as changes come from within..'',

Anas Faris said...

Runtuhnya Kota Melaka, bukan sahaja kita bina Putrajaya, tapi kita ambil alih Putrajaya.

ibnuazlan said...

KTM in Malaysia is like Casa Subang elevator in horizontal motion.

Syafiq Azhari said...

to anas: ni dh jd slogan baru nih..hahaha

to aiman: this is a type of comparison using ENG4U style..hahaha


Farihin Asnur said...

Nice report. Kinda quick of u guys to think of interviwing ppl.

Syafiq Azhari said...

thanks..haha..neway, this is actually a method to get closer to the society..n in a way, it is good in building your self-confidence..is that right? ^_^

Farihin Asnur said...

Yes..i have to admit u guys did quite a good job. haha^_^

Syafiq Azhari said...

Thanks a lot..^_^

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

huyyoo. sesaknye. tp dh bese la naek tren sesak tahap cipan cmni kt kL, bak kte kwn sy "ruang yg ad utk kita hnyelah separuh dr saiz badan kita.."
hehe =D

Syafiq Azhari said...

hmm...tu la..mcmmane la nk muat separuh bdn kn..ade teknik or petua khas ke..bleh share..haha

$@D!D said...

huish..naseb baek ade sadid..hahahaha

Syafiq Azhari said...

hahaha..btul2..tp ak nasihatkn ko lps ni bwk kete tu biar la berhemah sikit..hahaha

Anas Faris said...

aku post video ko "be responsible and give way to the others" kang bru tau.

Syafiq Azhari said...

haha..tak payah la anas..tu antara aku,kau dan org2 di kajang sahaja yg tahu..huhu

ChE AtEn♥♥ said...

petua nk muat : jika anda naek tren dgn rakan anda pastikan saiz badan anda berdua apabila digabung d dlm tren menyamai saiz bdn seorg shj, bkn 2 org.. haha =D

Anas Faris said...

Lihat extension kepada post ini: http://www.icputoday.com/2009/08/major-overhaul-in-our-transportation.html