Independence Day : Between Fantasy and Reality

by Syafiq Azhari

31st August might not be as historical as it has became every year in Malaysia, if it wasn’t because of the efforts of our previous generation, in claiming the rights to form an independent country formerly known as Persekutuan Tanah Melayu before forming Malaya in 1963. Malaya back then was formed on the platform of unity between the major races consist of Malay, Indian, Chinese and other ethnics in Borneo.

Until today, we are still together though some sensitive issues that arose might cause serious deteriorations in the relationship amongst this particular multiracial society. I just can’t agree more with the 1Malaysia concept introduced by the government recently to strengthen the bond between the people. To be honest, I won’t be always agreeing with some of the policies implemented by the government and the same goes to those proposed by the oppositions. But for this one, let’s put aside the sense of politics and be neutral for the sake of all. Don’t let our emotion to take control our way of thinking.

Looking at a bright side, this concept would be a starting point in building or improvising the connection between this multicultural society. We have to learn on how to respect others and don’t try to speculate on sensitive issues or throw sentiments that might spark the sense of dissatisfaction that might alter the growth and development of the country. I believe that in every religion and whether it is Islam, Buddhist, Christian, Hinduism or any other religions, we are taught to respect and give rights to other people. If we do hold onto this common value, we could actually live in peace and harmony.

We don’t have to feel envy or jealous towards others’ successes, instead, focus on your targets and aims so that they could be accomplished. You will never regret of sharing what you have and make the life of other’s meaningful as it will help in creating a mutual understanding between us and the society. We have to move forward and change our mentality towards generating a strong block of economy without disregarding the importance of moral values in every person.

If all of us can take part and play our roles, I believe that the dream of living in a better world would be achieved in the near future. If you don’t want to change for yourself, who else? We have to change at least for the sake of our next generation. And to continue the legacy left by our ancestors is not an easy task. Determination and will power along with the capability to make changes are of the major characters that are needed. You have the answer and there’s no one that will make the decision but you.

What say you?

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amiir said...

meritocracy is one thing

Syafiq Azhari said...

^_^ thnks for the comment