Appreciate Others & You'll be Appreciated

by Syafiq Azhari

Sometimes, you will be really happy upon receiving something unexpected or surprise from other people. It shows that you are being appreciated. When we know that someone appreciates our presence, we will feel better, perform well and in a sense, it brighten up our days.

It's not hard to appreciate others, send them an inspirational message, or give them a colourful CARD, or buy them a simple present, or even give them a wonderful smile..all of these are enough to make them happy..

Sometimes, it's not the material that counts, it is YOU yourself. When someone receives something from you, it shows that you REMEMBER..and that is actually count.

A beautiful card from a good friend of mine..
I'll keep this forever..
It is as a sign of appreciation to the sender..
Thanks a lot..

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ibnuazlan said...

i luv to patrick!

NurshahidahZahid said...

great! like ur blog.

hoho.. is this considered as appreciation? ;)

Farihin Asnur said...


We shud all give u cards thn=p

Syafiq Azhari said...

to aiman: bagus...keep doing it..good for ur health..haha

to shahidah: thanks a lot..really appreciate it..datang la selalu..

to farihin: jgk kn dpt card ni..hahaha ^_^

*neway, thnks again to that kind person..'',

everjihad said...


same as understand people.

seek to understand to be understood.

same as a change.
to change the world, we need to change ourselves.

people around us, or the environment won't change. we need to make that changes..

keep on reminding this values..

Syafiq Azhari said... you added value to this post..thanks

insyaAllah..people should always remind each other..'',