The 5 Rules of Thought

by Syafiq Azhari

I read an interesting and amazing book recently written by a renowned psychic, Mary T. Browne. She wrote on how to use the power of your mind to get what you want. The book, bought by my brother years ago (I guess), was found in the cabinet when I was searching for sth to read.

A glance to its wondrous cover was enough to impress me (muahaha, don’t judge a book by its cover, but it was worth it). I am privileged to share the ideas and thoughts of the author that generally might be useful in creating and opening a new dimension in our ways of thinking.

So, basically, a dream will emerge only when one has a thought on a particular thing. It can be anything.

Maybe you are dreaming of generating a lot of money before graduate, or holding the first class degree from the university, or you may also dream of setting up your own business in the future.

Nevertheless, all of these began with a small piece of thought (you won’t be dreaming of sth that u never ever had in mind, isn’t?).

Ok, so what is thought? According to this book, thought is an image. It is a vibration, force and energy. It is a creative power that has colour, spirit and sound.

But the argument is how to direct your thought into a real accomplishment? From what I learned from this book, there are five simple steps.

Warning : These steps might look simple but still, we have to give 110% of commitment, concentration as well as the focus to accomplished them, or in other words, making our dreams come true..

Here we go…

The 5 Rules of Thought

1. You Must Decide What You Want

You may want so many things in your life such as money, a personal relationship, a car, self-improvement and etc. However, we have to focus on them one at a time.

Sure, human can do multiple things at one particular time, but it won’t be as successful as doing them one by one. And sometimes, you may find it hard to accomplish too many things at one time, right? People, I’m not being negative, but realistic.

Can you just imagine of catching two flies at one time? You may end up in mental disorder, or migraine or any other stress-related illness, this is not a joke (muahahaha). When we are indecisive, our thinking is chaotic. And chaotic thinking lacks focus and undisciplined.

So, DECIDE! Give priority, make a list of your target, and go one by one. Decisiveness focuses the mind and energizes our thoughts. We get things done when we are decisive.

“Your mind can only think of one thing at a time”

2. See It Done

We have to focus our mind on the completed goal, instead of the steps of getting there (don’t get me wrong, read till the end). When we see sth done, actually, we are projecting a powerful image into the atmosphere (do you still remember my previous post on Law of Attraction?).

The image, in turn, assures us that we can achieve it and we will achieve it. This assurance will send out a potent energy that triggers our sense of willingness and directs our action towards accomplishing the goals.

3. Don’t Vacillate (change your mind)

We don’t really have to succumb on other people’s negative thoughts or differing opinions. Once we embark on a new journey, we have to be strong and consistent, we cannot change our mind.

Give commitment, remain steadfast or otherwise, we don’t hold on to a single specific thought long enough, to bring it to the real world.

4. You must Have Faith

Without faith, we can’t even finish a simple task. For example, when you are afraid of a cat, and you don’t have the belief of holding it, how can you catch it?

We cross the roads when the light is green because we believe that cars will stop. We lend money to our friends because we believe they will pay us back.

In fact, there are countless actions we take every day that are based on faith. Faith creates confidence. When we have faith that we can do sth, no matter what, we will find the way to do it. Isn’t it?

5. Persistence Reaps Results

How many times have we started sth and never finished it? At the beginning we were excited and energetic, but, as time went on, the enthusiasm slowly started to diminish, the interest waned and you quit.

So, persistence is essential in becoming proficient in anything. This is where we can check our level of discipline. In order to use the power of thought, we have to consistently visualize our objectives over and over again.

Thought will only become alive through clarity, intensity and repetition. The persistence gives thought energy and the energy when clearly directed, reaps results.


So these are merely five steps that, if you only take a look, will benefit you nothing. We have to act, we have to move and we have to draw our own plan.

Successful achievers don’t just listen or view things, they think, but thinking alone will never ever guarantee a success, and that’s why they act. But still, acting is not enough, we must be consistent..

So, to all readers, are you amongst those successful achievers, merely one of the successful readers?

You have the answer and it’s all yours to decide

Think about it…
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Anas Faris said...

mmg blog inspire habis la. haha.

Syafiq Azhari said...

inspired by

Future Murrabi said...

sume dh t'kene penyakit yg bernama........


ibnuazlan said...


majulah dgn anasism!

Syafiq Azhari said... to Anas for spreading the 'Anasism' Virus..

Farihin Asnur said...

hahaha. NICE!!

You actually finish up the book!..

And Allah Loves those who are firm and steadfast. (Sabireen)[3:146]

Tq..We can all benefit from this article:)

Syafiq Azhari said...

To Faas: Thanks..haha..sbb dh tak tau nk buat ape, so bace je la..hope you'll get sth beneficial from this post..'',

Faas said...

I did. Thanx!

everjihad said...

me too! same as faas.

well, to be persistent sometimes is not easy to do.

sometimes you just 'lost' at the middle of the road and when you want to come back to the old road, its already twisting and mixed.

hopefully i able to work on being a persistent person.

in total, i agree with this point~

4. You must Have Faith

Faith creates confidence. When we have faith that we can do sth, no matter what, we will find the way to do it. Isn’t it?

I admit it as I have expreienced it.(apparently, with the experience for the appeal) When I have faith, I find anyway to do whatever I can do to realize it and make it happen.

still remember the wisdom of thought
~ When there is a WILL, there is a way ~

at this point, maybe we can modify it to

~when there is a FAITH, there always have ways and solution will comes a long ~

HAVE FAITH!iman2kan..=D

Syafiq Azhari said...

wow..a great comment least we got a new 'wisdom words'..thanks

everjihad said...

i just feel to add some more.

just to share my experience.

thinking back with the appeal process, and compared with the rules. I believe all is true. let see one by one,

1. You Must Decide What You Want

- i really want to be there. to explore the world more .

2. See It Done
- even i'm not really have high expectation, but in my mind sometimes I always imagine that I will be in the airport on the day of departure.

3. Don’t Vacillate (change your mind)

I love this word "Once we embark on a new journey, we have to be strong and consistent, we cannot change our mind.

Give commitment, remain steadfast or otherwise, we don’t hold on to a single specific thought long enough, to bring it to the real world."

it is real!

sometimes, there are some thoughts that intervene. like, "maybe u need to stop trying and be fool.', "see..there's no hope anymore", "just give up..", and other thoughts..

but being strong with the high value we have is important to keep we move foward. positive and optimist is important even sometimes it seems not realistic.

dont change your mind, till the end. even you dont get it, but at least you will feel satisfy on keep trying.

4. You must Have Faith

this is most important part, i believe. just like what i have commented before.

it need a high self-esteem. no one can help us, but we need to help ourselve. if you really have low-self esteem, the only thing you can do is ask Him to give you the stregth as He the one the giver of everything in this life.

5. Persistence Reaps Results

repeat it until you succeed. even my first appeal being rejected, but i try do 2nd appeal. keep on trying.

even if you dont get it, you feel better as you have try the best you can do with what you have in hand.

i remember one quote that said,

"if you really want it, nothing could stop you from grabbing it"

sometimes, the problem is, when we have 'half-heart' normally, the act we take not fully in force.

but of course i can't denied the power of Allah to decide and let it be. well, that is not our job to think of.

however, i remember that in hadis qudsi that mentioned,

Aku adalah menurut persangkaan hambaKu kepadaKu... Dan Aku bersamanya ketika ia menyebutKu. (HR Ibnu Majah)

simply put, just do it. have faith. dreams can be real when you have faith and good things will happen when you go for it. InshaAllah. Anything with God's will.

err..sorri..mcm membebel pulak kat sini. tapi blog ni inspiring kan..makes me want to write and share something inspiring too. =D

Syafiq Azhari said... problem..neway, inspiring comment..keep is a way to contribute to other people..nice job!