Winter in Canada

by Syafiq Azhari

I found an interesting article on the internet which might be useful for us as part of preparations before going to Canada or other extremely cold-weather countries especially during the winter. Here it goes...

Winter weather conditions in many parts of Canada can be harsh at times. High windchills, heavy snowfall, blizzards, freezing rain and extremely cold temperatures all pose a hazard to those travelling or venturing outside.

Some parts of Canada don't get much snow and ice in winter but many Canadians battle tough weather conditions and slippery roads for almost six months each year. The 'white stuff' generally starts to arrive in late October and can often stay around until March or later. Although winter weather can be harsh, we are fortunate that the truly 'deep freeze' cold snaps tend not to last more than a few weeks at a time and in many parts of Canada the sun shines all winter long, which is a great lift for the spirit.

If you've never experienced harsh winter weather before and your definition of cold is when you open the freezer door, then you may be tempted to spend your first winter in Canada taking refuge indoors. Resist the urge to hide from winter. Develop your winter survival skills, with help from the tips listed, and you too will learn, in true Canadian spirit, to embrace and celebrate winter in all its glory.

Combat the Cold

Check the weather forecast (and road reports) before going outdoors or travelling. Pay particular attention to windchill, which can create dangerously cold conditions. Bring along extra clothing in case there is a sudden weather change.

Dress warmly in layers, preferably with a wind and waterproof outer layer.

Look for outerwear (hats, boots and gloves) containing Thinsulate Insulation. Thin layers of loose fitting clothing (fleece) will trap your body heat while aiding air circulation. Outer clothing should preferably be hooded, tightly woven, and repel water. Mittens are warmer than gloves.

Wear a hat, as most of your body heat is lost through your head. If it is extremely cold, cover your mouth to protect your lungs from the cold air.

Purchase good quality knee length winter boots. Some of the more expensive winter boots will withstand temperatures of -70, so your feet will be snug all winter if you make this purchase a top priority.

When choosing footwear for daily use, ask for 'winterized' boots and shoes. These will have a thermal insole and will keep your feet much warmer than regular shoes.

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amiir said...

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Syafiq Azhari said...

owh, enhancement is a must in this fast-growing environment...people who resist the positive changes will be left behind forever...keep reading...thnks..

Farihin Asnur said...

Tq..Will heed the good advices:)

Syafiq Azhari said...

welcome..sharing is caring..hahaha

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Syafiq Azhari said...

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