The Emergence of Kinokuniya Successor : Casakuniya

by Syafiq Azhari

Casakuniya Bookstore is now a leading textbook seller at Taylor's University College especially amongst the new International Canadian Pre-University (ICPU) students. The company, founded by a group of innovative and creative ICPU students lead by former President, Anas Faris, made Casa Subang as their main Operational Office.

They offer a wide range of used textbooks from almost every course in ICPU program. The books offered are in great conditions and most of them are used for only 6 months. Get your chance of buying these books at unbelievable knockdown prices at Casakuniya Bookstore while stocks last!!

For more details, visit Casakuniya Bookstore

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Farihin Asnur said...

Good advertisement=p..

Syafiq Azhari said...

luang-luangkanlah masa mengunjungi booth bergerak Casakuniya berhampiran..latest berada di Casa Subang..hahaha