11 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Canada

by Syafiq Azhari

 It has the highest tertiary education enrollment in the world, which includes locals as well as international students.

Toronto is the largest city of Canada, with a population of more than 5 million people.

 Almost half of the populations in Canada were born in other countries.

 Half of Canada is covered with forests, which should not be surprising, considering one-tenth of the world's forests are here.

 Canada was founded in 1867 as a union of the British Colonies. Canada gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1982.

 The longest national highway in the world is situated in Canada known as the Trans-Canada highway and it is 7,604 kilometres long.

 Canada is one of the world's wealthiest countries.

 Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world at 151,600 miles.

 Biggest province here is Quebec which covers an area over 1,365,128 square kilometres.

 Canada is the second largest country in the world next to Russia. The area size of Canada is a whopping 9,984,670 square kilometres.

 According to studies and research, Vancouver in British Columbia is tied with Zurich Switzerland for having the highest quality of life of any other city in the world.

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amiir said...

i'm proud to be malaysian..

hudasaffry said...

me too :)

Syafiq Azhari said...

Tahniah..ini membuktikan bahawa anda semua sememangnya merupakan rakyat Malaysia yang patriotik..tahniah sekali lagi..selamat maju jaya..'',

Anonymous said...

if i'm not mistaken

total population canada = total population new york

Farihin Asnur said...
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Syafiq Azhari said...

to anonymous: i'm not really sure about that..but according to these sources:

"As of January 1, 2009, Canada's population was an estimated 33,504,700"

"2008 estimation of New York population is 19,490,297"

Syafiq Azhari said...

to farihin: thanks..'',