Will we meet again??

by Syafiq Azhari

The 'reign' of ICPU is over..throughout the one-year program, I learned a lot...ICPU is a complete program that helps in developing the thinking skills of the students..participation in class is an important aspect in ICPU..there is no right or wrong answer..you have the answer and it is based on your own interpretation..wait, dont get me wrong, it has nothing to do with the religion..it is just mere a thought..

Here, in Taylor's, I got the opportunity to mingle in a community consist of multiracial and multinational students who view things in different perspectives..Some of them are totally different from the others in terms of belief, lifestyle and so on..Sometimes, we didn't realized our own defects till we live in a totally different atmosphere that subsequently change our sets of mind..I already did my best in ICPU, and whether fly or not is not the point..the main thing is the effort..you have the power to plan, but Allah will decide at the end..

Funny and humorous Mr. D playing arcade with crazy Derek

During our Business Hang-Out Day..last memory

At Sunway Lagoon after final exams last year

My housemates gathering for a dinner

Taylor's students....

Rube Goldberg group with Mr.Tan(a.k.a. Jackie Chan)

Family day at Summit

English 3U class with Ms. Natalie

Chemistry class with Mr. Leslie Hussack

Taking part in a community service..group 6

Ms. Joanne's mentees

After last paper,Fuad, Amir Fakh, Amir Abe, Anas, Syafiq (behind from left)

English 4U class with mr. borden

Last day at Taylor's

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