Tribute to My Friends

by Syafiq Azhari

Very obsessed with pure thing about Anas is that he is very helpful. If he's able to help, then he will no matter how hard is that. That's why I respect him so much..he will give priority to the others than doing his work. He is a leader, can organize and inspire people. Anyway, thanks a lot Anas for being a very2 good friend to me all this while..Hope we will still be fried till the end of the day..Thanks a lot...
-common speech : aku kalo bace quran ke aku xkesah sgt, tapi kalo bab solat berjemaah ni mmg ak keras sikit...

Nice and friendly. He is like a moving library, very clever and brilliant. Talks a lot. Sometimes, you will get annoyed, haha, but that is Qayyum, we used to it..another thing, his voice is the loudest voice I've ever heard..sometimes you still can hear it from your neighbours' units..He loves to help others..I'm very close to him..always sleep on his bed when he's not around...
-common speech : syafiq..emm..ko..ko nk buat ape malam ni!

Energetic and unpredictable..Haha.. Annoying at times, but good at most of the times! He is one of the best chef at Casa Subang. Enjoy his meal but a bit spicy..but overall, superlicious!
-common speech : duit rumah byk lagi korang x bayar, sape x bayar lagi pandai2 r..

AMIR FAKH(due to Fakhruddin)
He is my FIFAmate..always ask me to play FIFA on his 'laptop'..I cant match his tempo and 'thru ball' at times, but then, I improved slowly..n now I can stand shoulder to shoulder against him...hahahaha..
-common speech : Wei, Sepak Kang!

ABE(Amirruddin Abe)
Sleeps a lot and whenever he sleeps, dont you ever try to wake him up..and though he has a weird sleeping a way, it's unic..Haha..he's very nice and kind..I dont remember when was the last time he scold somebody..always smile and buy foods a lot..
-common speech : nanti nak main bola ajak aku..

SALLY( Salman)
He has a very unic nickname..Wake up early in the morning..everyday at 5.30 a.m..and he will be the first person to take bath in our unit...very kind and when taking order at Kedai Nasi Ayam for lunch, everyone will want sayap la, thigh la, dada la, but him.."ak tak kesah"..
-common speech : erm..x pasti

Will sleep easily anywhere he lands..I've no idea how he did that!Strict when it comes to thing about will be laughing at him when he laughs because its funny..hahaha..
-common speech : ko xleh nk lambat lg ker...

Refers himself as nabilomios..stylo and has a bunch of 'topman' stuffs..always have sth to make others laugh..his fav spot is at the end corner of the dining table with his stylish VAIO laptop..a great football, rugby n PES n etc player...simply said, he can play anything..very versatile..
-common speech : mungkin la..( in sengau form)

Habaq mai no...he's Kedah and Chelsea supporter..always with his sleeveless blue shirt..also a great chef and always serve something special when it comes to his cooking turn..has a high taste and lots of branded stuff...TV will be on when he's around..
-common speech : tak..dia..macam ni..

married recently(sori cimi)..kind and selamba..amongst our housemates, he took the shortest time in bathroom..haha..very soft and treats other people with respect..a bit polite and seldomly makes people angry or uneasy with him..
-common speech : sukses!!

Have a great laptop..always hang out with his ehem2(haha)..when laughing, his pitching is so high..kind and always had deep thoughts..also, he's a great basketball player, maybe because of his pace and height..
-common speech : malas la...

Spiky hair style..he is one of the best drummers and guitar players..neat and well organized..
-common speech : yang terbaek dari ladang!

a bit hot-tempered but cool..haha..sitting in front of his laptop with TV on is his best practice..I dont know if he can live without his TV..hahaha..
-common speech : aeee, ak tumbuk gak kang!(hahahaha)

For those who are not being listed here, I'm so sorry because of the time limit..dont worry, you will be always in my heart no matter where you are..thanks a lot for being good friends and support me in hard times..may our friendship will last forever..

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amiir said...

nak tambah sket..
qayyum: korang nak dengar x tentatif ak ari ney??first, ak nk wat neyh, 2nd, bla...bla..third,bla..bla..

syafiq azhari said...

hahaha...itulah qayyum..nnt ko kat toronto ko jage r die baik2..huhu

xancer said...

PATRICK(Syafiq Azhari)
A lot like ABE. Love to sleep and difficult to wake up in the morning. FIFA all the time and had 'patrick' kind of weird voice. Qayyum describes him as "30 minutes playing FIFA, 5 minutes working"

aku xleh idup tanpa tv dow!

syafiq azhari said...

ak skang dh berubah la...ko tak caye nnt ak kejut ko pkl kene ade org kejut ak dlu la...hahaha

amiir said...

kjot ak kol 2.30 pagi esok..
nak tgok final match bola..

xancer said...

kne org kejut gak
sme je la 2 dow..haha

Affan Ruslan said...

byk la ko ak ske tdo~

amiir: betul dow (patrick ckp la~) ^_^

syafiq azhari said...

bkn suke senang tdo..bgs la tu...