We create our own house..do we??

by Syafiq Azhari

If you are like me, I am pretty sure that you enjoy reading humorous and inspirational stories, short funny quotes and poems.

Everyone at certain times needs to read these things to enhance your way of thinking and also help in building your inner sense.

Just like you need food for your body, you also need food for your mind and soul that comes as touching and inspirational words in a form of a story, a quote or poem that lift you up and make you feel better.

And this is a story for you...enjoy!

An elderly carpenter was ready to retire. He told his employer-contractor of his plans to leave the house-building business to live a more leisurely life with his wife and enjoy his extended family. He would miss the paycheck each week, but he wanted to retire. They could get by.

The contractor was sorry to see his good worker go & asked if he could build just one more house as a personal favor. The carpenter said yes, but over time it was easy to see that his heart was not in his work. He resorted to shoddy workmanship and used inferior materials. It was an unfortunate way to end a dedicated career.

When the carpenter finished his work, his employer came to inspect the house. Then he handed the front-door key to the carpenter and said, "This is your house... my gift to you."

The carpenter was shocked!

So, readers out there, are you building your 'house'?? Ask yourself.

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