Our World

by Syafiq Azhari

Every morning on every news flash

I hear the sorrow of the world

It seems like everybody's lost and

Scared trying to make sense of it all

And as I travel to and fro, so many faces pass me by

I see lonely hearts living lonely lives just biding their time

And while we call ourselves civilized, many people living empty lives

As they drone their way through day and night

I pray for our world, I pray for every child

I pray for our world to be filled with smiles

Like the colours of a rainbow and not just black and white

I pray for our world to be filled with light

I pray for all of us, to choose the path that's right

To believe in Allah every day of our lives

In the evening on the TV news, I see images of war.

I see brother killing brother with no consequence at all.

And while those who claim to be leaders, sell us tales of deceit.

But Allah alone know in their hearts what they reveal and conceal.

And while we call ourselves civilized,

We go on killing human lives

Too caught up in our own web of lies

Every mother, every father, every daughter, every son

Don't you see, that the answer lies only with the ONE

Song title: Our World
Artist : Zain Bikha

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