Last Day

by Syafiq Azhari

This would be my last day at home till the end of semester in June coz I'll be leaving for Casa tonight. These five days were spent wisely though actually they were not. Why is that? Bcoz though my homeworks were not going as smooth as I have planned, I think that my mind has been successfully refreshed with a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, rather than just spend times doing the same things in Subang...

Huh, one thing that I'm sure most of Casasian would be agreed about is the tiring traffic jam that has never been solved and also the unstoppable yet unbrakeable homeworks and assignments that came along throughout the course named ICPU. No matter what, we have to be tough and must have a strong will in endeavouring the difficulties and obstacles that would never come to a halt.

Undeniably, these elements are some of the vital components that teach and train us to be a better person...dont you?? No doubt...Of all the experiences of the first sem, we should be able to cope with the pressure though its hard to resist... Listen to your fav music is one of the alternatives to reduce the stress...

Anyways, congratulations for those of you who scored well in the mid-term...and for those unlucky, you still have time to recoup...believe in yourself, and everything is fine..Till then, wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming session of studies..(",