A beautiful teacher

by Syafiq Azhari

I was just about to leave for class when an old folk appears out of nowhere picking up garbage in front of my house and sort them out into the recycle bins. She walked down the road doing the job, leaving her bicycle unguarded and I was just standing in the living room watching silently.

I braved myself approaching her with a banana in hand as a friendly offering, and asked her what made her do the job. She smiled and replied, "I clean up the mess, sometimes the wind blows out garbage from the bins, so I pick them up and put them back, and sometimes it flies out from the cars, often when people see it, they never care, and I'm just doing what I could do to keep the environment clean."

I was like oh wow, what a kind person. Honestly, I had no idea whether she is practicing any religion or not, but her attitude represents the pillar of any religion, be it Christian, Buddhist, Islam and etc which promotes the act of kindness. Though her appearance was not entirely impressive, her smile and insight made her a beautiful teacher. At least she taught me a valuable lesson.