If You Don't Succeed, Define Success

by Syafiq Azhari

picture : Maple leaf taken at Webster Falls during fall 2009

Everyone dreams for a success. It is a source of motivation for one to face all the hardships and taste the bitterness of a combat for the sake of a success. The strategy and the plan have been sketched by successful persons prior to the ‘war’ and they are always optimistic. Nevertheless, we have to always get ready and be realistic because sometimes failure can never be resisted.

Even when you are in the greatest enthusiasm and giving the best effort out of yourself, it would just come. Remember, failure is a part of nature. It acts as the stimulus for the growth of our self-development. A person who never fails will never grow. Napoleon Hill once said that failure is the nature’s plan to prepare you for great responsibilities.

Don’t be sad even if you are not succeeding in what you have planned because the real success is when you had successfully coped with all the pressure and suited yourself afterwards. You would feel down for a while, but when you really have super good people around you, those who constantly lift you up, no matter how hard your condition, you would certainly bounce back. 

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redefine success laa

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