Winter Break

by Syafiq Azhari

Once the invigilator collected my scantron paper, the exam is officially over. And mixed feelings surrounded me, in the first place, I’m happy as I’m done, now I can have a good rest and do things that I want other than just studying…at least for a while, but I shouldn’t be too happy…because deep inside my heart, I feel like this term is kind of terrible. Maybe it’s too early to judge, three and a half years ahead. Hurm, let’s forget about the exam. It’s all over now!!

Now it’s time for a break, luckily it came at the right time and I hope it would help in refreshing my mind and my soul. I’m looking forward for the 3-day Reviving The Islamic Spirit event which will be held in Toronto Convention Centre next week. It might be my third time in Toronto, but this time around, it would be something different. It must be a great feeling sitting in the hall full of thousands of people listening to great speakers like Dr. Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Habib Ali Aljifri, Syaykh Sulaiman Mulla and other 19 speakers coming from all over the world and I’m pretty sure it might be something wonderful and worthwhile listening to. And I got to see my friends from other universities who are coming over to Toronto for the same purpose. That would be great!

Till now, one of the things that my friends and I are yet to fulfill is going to Niagara Falls. We’ve been talking about it from the first week since we arrived here in Hamilton. Maybe it’s because Niagara is considered as one of the amazing must-visit places in the world and even more, it’s just one-hour away from our place. Well, the holiday is just about to start, and I just hope that I could accomplish my to-do-list as I’ve planned. Till the next post, Assalamu’alaikum. p/s: I miss my mum.
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Future Murabbi said...

give your self time to adapt with the new environment,
i'm sure the word terrible is just for this sem.

nway, i'm jealous with you guy,
if i can be there to join the Reviving The Islam Spirit..

oh ya, don't forget one thing,
tolong kirim salam kat niagara fall klu da sampai sane ye..

Syafiq Azhari said...

insyaAllah..thnks for the warm comment :) will try my best next term though..niagara? haha...doakan kitrg smpi kat sne dlu...

admin said...
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